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NATHANIEL Internship


While I was in the Philippines for three weeks, I managed to get another fashion internship. But this time it was for a TV show there! I wanted to experience a different part of the industry so I can figure out what I wanted to focus on in the future. Well..after my internship I’m even more confused because I enjoyed myself so much and can’t pick between this wardrobe styling or the PR and marketing one! I guess I still have my uni course to figure out my future, right?

Anyway, it wasn’t what I expected at ALL. I had no idea how stressful and busy it can be. With it being my first time, I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. I actually watch a lot of Phillipine TV series (since I was born there and lived there until I was eight) but I wasn’t all that familiar with Nathaniel so before my internship began, I saw the first five episodes so I had an idea of what was going on with the story and characters.

On my work experience day, they were shooting in a hospital(!) and they booked a few floors just for the shooting, so the ‘Wardrobe/Styling’ room was in a hospital room. I didn’t manage to get pictures inside the room but it was pretty much a stack of outfits ready for the scenes they were doing that day with tables and an ironing board. I shadowed the stylists and the people who are responsible for the wardrobe. They were all so nice and welcoming! It was actually pretty casual environment. They showed me the script, their notes and how important continuity is. Like, seriously. As tv shows film out of order/timeline, they have to be really careful and be consistent. They took a LOT of notes and pictures as they said some actors/staff can be stubborn and not listen/believe them when they say it’s the item that they were wearing in the last scene.

Why I was waiting for my boss, one of the producer (she was so nice and friendly) took me to the systems room, where they had a lot of cameras in different angles and the director sitting with a mic directing the actors in a different room. For a simple 2 or 3 minute scene shown, it took so many tries and takes for it to be perfect. It can get really tiring! I wouldn’t be able to have that patience ha.

The wardrobe team told me how they get the clothes, the amount of publicity and promo and how the styling budget works. They were all so helpful and answered any questions that I had. They also told me that it’s not at all glamorous as it looks, that you have to be careful not to trust many people and I got valuable advice on how to survive in this industry.

What I really enjoyed doing was pulling the clothes they needed for the scene and handing them to to actors in their individual hospital rooms. I got a bit starstruck as I only see them on tv and now they were saying hi to me! Anyway, the shooting went from early 8am to next day 2am. No wonder everyone was tired! They only shoot three or four times a week but still. After the actors left, we have to go in each room and collect the outfits so they can take it back to the warehouse where every single costume is kept. We got back home at like 4am and I had to get up early the next day as we had family plans. But it was worth it. The whole experience, I would love to experience something like it when I next go back to the Phillipines. Hopefully in less than 2 years. 🙂

Thank you so much to the whole team in NATHANIEL. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and congrats to your show!


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