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FCP Pre-Arrival Task

So for the FCP pre-arrival task, we had to select, print, photograph or collect the following:

  • Three digital examples (blogs, websites, twitter feeds, online marketing etc)
  • Three printed examples (magazines, brochures, brand zines, look books etc)
  • Three retail examples (shop windows, visual merchandising, shop interiors etc)

They didn’t really specify how we would present them, so after days of stressing and worrying, I found out from the FB course page that I wasn’t alone! Some said they’re presenting it in a sketchbook, some on their blog, so everyone was doing different things.

So here goes!

My three digital examples!

  1. Kayture (Kristina Bazan) – blog

One of the main reasons why I chose Kristina Bazan is because I love her style – it’s very chic, modern and elegant. She’s one of my style inspirations and I definitely look forward to her blog and instagram posts.

She’s only 21 but has already appeared in major magazines like ELLE and Teen Vogue. She promote and collaborate with high luxury designers such as Dior, Chanel and Elie Saab. I like her style as she’s not afraid to play with colour, she tries new things yet remain classy and age appropriate at the same time.

She and her photographer/business partner James take such high editorial quality photos, not just for her fashion posts but also her travel and food diaries. I can’t help but pin most of her posts as they are professional-looking they could be in a magazine.




2.  Red Carpet Fashion Awards – website 

Founder and main editor Catherine Kallon began her own website as she was frustrated by the amount of miscredits she saw on sites like the Daily Mail. So on RCFA, she always include the original runway picture alongside the celebrity/model, just to prove the credit is correct. I visit this site regularly as it’s reliable, current and fast.

I really like that not only she covers the red carpet fashion, but she also lists her: Must-have Monday, Wish list Wednesday, Frugal Friday, Shop Her Closet, Runway to Red Carpet and Who Was Your Best Dressed This Week?

She has appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, The Hollywood Reporter, Net-A-Porter,, ELLE, Telegraph, Company and more.



3. British Vogue Youtube Channel 

I chose the British Vogue youtube channel as one of my digital examples because I find their content very interesting and made me subscribe to their channel.

INSIDE THE WARDROBE – I really enjoyed the latest wardrobe videos.A glimpse into their home and style. As of now, only Olivia Palermo, Suki Waterhouse and Lil Allen are featured but subscribers and viewers can also comment whose wardrobe they want to feature next on the channel. They revealed style secrets, wardrobe staples and favourite designers.

FASHION ON GENDER EQUALITY -Cover girl of the September British Vogue issue, Emma Watson discussed gender equality alongside designers Stella McCartney, Jonathan Saunders and Bella Freud. As this is a very controversial and large issue, this discussion on their channel will encourage debates and views will skyrocket.

SECRETS OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY – New series will show Alexa Chung investigating the state of fashion today and what the future holds for this industry. Really excited for this as she will be talking to current fashion students to journalists, buyers and stylists. She will also be answering the questions that viewers have submitted.




My three printed examples!


I really enjoy reading the Career pages in MARIE CLAIRE UK especially the ‘My Style 9-5’. I find it fascinating to read about real fashionable women working in the industry and their work style. The ‘Meet Your New Career Mentor’ also inspires many young women to take charge of their career. From PR Managers Photographers, to Fashion Stylists, it covers this wide industry!

Their human interest stories are in depth and always relate to current news talked about in the real world. They explore women’s issues globally but they do so in a way that’s short and straight to the point. Like this recent feature ‘Redefining Beauty’.

Their ‘Style Spotlight’ section features either a major designer or an emerging talent and then a rather informal interview discussing his or her latest collection. Also features behind the scenes snaps that not many people would have seen already.




Aside from the elegant editorials inside the magazine, what separates HB to others is the My Moodboard page. Every issue features a different designer and gives a glimpse of what colours/patterns/trends/movies that particularly inspired their latest collection.

While the clothes aren’t for my budget, I admire the high quality editorials and the unique locations which add a little extra. HB is full of inspirational ideas whether it’s for your photography, styling, or journalism. I collect a lot of their articles and images.






3. i-D 

I chose i-D because as it’s an independently published British magazine, I figured that it’s the opposite of my other mainstream pick, Harper’s Bazaar. This magazine is dedicated to fashion, music, art and youth culture. They’re known for it’s unique photography and typography. A fact that I found interesting – most issues feature a cover model winking at the camera.



My three retail examples!

  1. Accessorize 



All Saints is known for its unique visual merchandising. The palette seems to be dominated by very muted colours – blacks, whites and browns. It’s not necessarily how I would describe my stye and taste but I chose this as one of my retail examples as I like how it has a very sharp, edgy look.

When you go inside, it doesn’t feel like you’re at a typical fashion store, as it’s full of wood, metal and bricks. It’s just very different to what I’ve seen before with other brands and I think that’s why it stood out to me. It’s very memorable.


3. Charlotte Olympia 

The brand’s signature gold spider web in the window and mirrored walls, I like how there’s a rich, airy feel to it. There’s also some subtle references to the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood. The concept is very consistent throughout all the stores (London, Hong Kong, Beverley Hills etc). Also, the interior reflects the brand’s value – elegance and luxury and I really like the colour theme – golds and browns.



On the last day of our Induction Week, we had to bring our individual responses to the task and we got split into small groups where we had to sort out the piles and then discuss the common trends, innovations, brands that kept reoccurring and reoccurring individuals too.






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