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Narrative Trend – Fairytales

As part of our FCP course, we had to identify examples of STORY/NARRATIVE trends.

I chose the theme ‘Fairytales’ because it’s one trend that I’ve seen so many of in the past 5(?) years and still continue seeing in some mainstream magazines that I read. I actually made a Pinterest board but my lecturer made a suggestion for me to focus on a specific area as it’s such a broad theme. I couldn’t pick just one in the end, so I decided to focus on three – Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast.



The above photos shows the famous red dress that is typically associated with Little Red Riding Hood.

LOCATION – woodlands

PROPS – wolf, the basket she’s holding (with apples), bed

MOTIF – cape, the color red

ART DIRECTION – darker, sexier version than the fairytale version we are used to

STORY – wandering around the woods, travelling to her grandmother’s cottage, meeting the wolf

CASTING – sometimes just Little Red Riding Hood but in some, she is pictured with the wolf


I also found fashion photography that featured the ‘big bad wolf’. It was interesting to see variations of this concept as the above left photo shows a tiny, white wolf which contradicts the middle photo with an actual male model posing as the antagonist with the wolf mask over his head. The vibe of the left gives off a winter, snow vibe while the middle more of a darker, moodier fall feel to it.


The picture with Red sitting on a bed with the basket visible is different from the other editorials that I found because at first glance, you couldn’t see that she’s still outside (woodlands) unless you really take in the details. The focus is more on her red dress with the apple basket and the bed.



LOCATION – castle tower

PROPS – flowers, thorns, spinning wheel, bed

MOTIF – thorns, flowers, colour pink

ART DIRECTION – darker palette, intriguing, mysterious, sad

STORY – Sleeping Beauty lying on a bed waiting for her prince

CASTING – Sleeping Beauty, with Prince Philip




Model Kate Upton and Marlon Teixeria re-imagining the Beauty & the Beast – from Fashion Book. I chose this editorial piece as I thought it was very interesting and so different to what we’re used to when we think of this particular fairytale. It has a dark message, what with the moody colours and the fact that you can see the ‘Beast’ hiding in the background with just a glimpse of his face and shadows visible.

LOCATION – castle

PROPS – candle, the chair, the rose (all items featured in the disney version)
ART DIRECTION – very dark compared to the famous Disney version, almost creepy, menacing

STORY – Belle is frightened of the Beast, he’s hiding behind the black curtains, his face is half-hidden

CASTING – Belle (Beauty), Beast


The images above used large animals as part of the prop and to further reinforce the Beauty & the Beast narrative. Other significant props such as the candles, the roses and her yellow dress also added to send the message across.



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