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For a recent group project, we were given a task of deciding on which colour theme we’ll be committed to, either Neutrals (nudes, greys, monochrome), Brights (neons, jewels), Complex (berry, military, intellectuals) or Pastels (macaroon, retro, dirty). We were already sorted into groups and I was put in a group of four but unfortunately two were not present in the seminar so me and another girl had to get it touch with them via Facebook. I wasn’t too keen on the Brights category personally and our group ultimately decided to go with Neutrals (Monochrome).

We had to create an individual pin board on pinterest. Click here to see my ‘Monochrome’ board. 


Neutrals theme colour project (Monochrome) – seen across various sectors from fashion to home interior, monochrome continues to be popular and on trend. The huge contrast between the black and white colours show off the rough textures and the geometric shapes. Most of the images are in linear and refined patterns while some are in more modern forms and wider variety like marble, feathers, zebra stripes, bark, ceramics, shadows and even monochrome floral prints on the runway.





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