Roles in Fashion

Recently, we had a lecture on roles in fashion marketing. I was actually very excited for this lecture, as I wanted to know more about the various careers I can go into when I graduate (hopefully) in three years time. It may seem so early to write a blog post about this now, but my main aim for posting this is so I can keep track of my aspirations and see if over the three years, my likes and career plans have changed or not. So I want to let you know that I’m going to talk about the career routes than I’m currently interested in, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll still be wanting to pursue than in a month, a few months or a year’s time.


Our lecturer mentioned that former first year FCP students went into this course with the intention of going into:

  • Journalism / work for a magazine
  • Styling
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations/PR
  • Art Directing
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Buying
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Social Media
  • Retail

I’m going to discuss in further detail the career paths I’m most interested in and why I’m leaning towards that more than the others.


Fashion PR is essentially about dealing with publicity of designers, shops and fashion brands. They are responsible for making great relationships with fashion editors, writers and journalists. They make sure companies and individuals come across well in the media and that the brand’s reputation is always flying high. If you’re in public relations on the client side for a designer label, you’ll have to manage tasks like arranging photo shoots and liaising with designers, stylists and editors, as well as letting fashion writers know all about the brand’s latest collections. A typical day would be: creating calendars, writing press releases, working with external agencies, budgeting, managing events/launches, creating press packs and monitoring press activity.

I’ve already got a bit of an experience with PR as I previously worked as a fashion PR and marketing intern for FABRYAN LONDON and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there which consisted of managing emails, sending out samples and blogger requests and social media accounts.

Also a great article about Director of Communications for Jill Stuart, Lindsey Green on PR COUTURE.


As a creative/art director you can work within fashion, film, music, graphic design, media/entertainment or even web/software development. Part of the job consists of formulating concepts, directing projects, overseeing the whole collection, copywriting, among others. You need to have leadership skills and have a powerful visual eye. I’d love to be an art director for a fashion magazine or a brand. Graphic skills is something that I want to improve on and with our course providing us with helpful tutorials and seminar sessions dedicated to IT, I’m even more excited about this career path.


Check out this video of ALDO’s Art Director Reanna Time below and also her website HERE.


As a stylist, you can work in films, television, music videos, celebrity appearances, magazine or even advertising campaigns. As a wardrobe stylist, you would be selecting the clothes while if you’re a fashion editor, you’ll be choosing which products/items to feature in an editorial. A huge part of the job consists of collaborations with designers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and the designer/brand.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe and I have to be honest, ever since I’ve watched her show years ago, I’ve been fascinated by celebrity styling. Of course it’s not all glamorous as it appeared on the ‘reality’ show, and the stress level is always 1000000, but the reward when you’ve seen all the work comes together is just awesome.



This is one that I’m not really that familiar with and know less than the other career paths but when our lecturer briefly introduced it to us I thought it’s quite interesting and very creative. As a marketer/communicator you plan and execute photo shoots, write briefs/determine messages, direct look books and catalogues, art directing and helping with product/fashion show launches.


One of the many aspects of why I wanted to study this course, is that the possibilities are endless. It’s so broad and has many career routes you can take. Our current teaching assistant and former FCP student is  now working on her own nutrition brand while another FCP grad gets to travel all around the world and produces/helps on fashion shows while working for the British Fashion Council (I heard she was last year’s student of the year)! I’m excited for all the opportunities I will be having while on this course.


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