My Favourite Fashion Bloggers

For someone who used to blog passionately about reading and books when I was a young teen, I never really knew much about the world of fashion blogging until a year, maybe two years, ago?  The concept was new to me and at first I thought ‘wow, these people just post about their outfits every day and get paid for it?’ Nowadays, I have a few personal style blogs that I visit regularly and even though I have this blog, its main purpose is to document all my work and inspirations during FCP course and I’m still not the type of person who will do #OOTD posts and the like here. Anyways, here are just a few of my favourite blogs:


KAYTURE – Kristina Bazan 

This was actually the very first blog that I came across, and even though her style has now evolved (sponsored brands and advertisements?!) from her usual european elegant and luxurious outfits to more edgy, questionable taste, I still can’t help but have a glimpse through her Instagram or her site every now and then. Kristina Bazan is only 22 but Kayture is the “most influential blog in Switzerland and one of the biggest names worldwide thanks to its vast international reach.” I like her blog as she focuses on editorial-quality posts, her photography looks like it came straight from a high fashion magazine. She was featured on major magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle’s international editions.

Constantly traveling around the world with her partner in crime James, Kristina shares her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, each day with millions of loyal readers, opening a window to her dreamy, luxuriant and colorful world.


MARGO & ME – Jenny Bernheim

Jenny Bernheim has spent her professional years dedicated to the fashion industry as a public relations specialist and fashion journalist before launching her blog Margo & Me full time. I enjoy looking at the photos as she’s consistent both in her style and content. Very light, airy location and filter mixed with feminine, playful shoots. The LA-based fashion blogger also lends her style advice to the industry media outlets such as E! Online and Who What Wear and also styles advertising campaigns and consults for several brands as trend forecaster and merchandise coordinator.

It’s hard not to feel immediately drawn to the world she’s created through Margo & Me..



Fashion Mumblr is a blog that I feel is very relatable because Josie, the owner is a recent Fashion Management graduate and so her outfits aren’t too expensive and luxurious but still very clean, chic and inspiring. She graduated from London College of Fashion and previously worked in the marketing department at Mulberry and worked in PR/marketing for a fashion software company before deciding to blog full time a month ago. I do enjoy watching her youtube channel where she discusses beauty, lifestyle and travel.

So what are your favourite blogs? I’d love to discover more personal style blogs so please comment below! 🙂 


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