Who Needs A Stylist?

Fashion styling is one of the most popular FCP career paths and even I’m fascinated by the prospect of being a stylist. You may know that there’s a range of types – from celebrity stylists, fashion editors of a publication to dressing runway shows. I’ll be talking a bit about celebrity stylists in today’s post and how some celebrities prefer to choose their own fashion choices. Meaning they have chosen to forego a team of stylists altogether.

Nowadays, we’re so used to celebrities hiring stylists to dress them for an event, a movie premiere, an awards evening, and some even have their stylists pick their day to day outfits. So it’s always refreshing that some are brave enough to go without a style expert.

I mean, if you’re a famous celebrity, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of all the free clothes you can wear? Granted, some just can’t pull an outfit to save their lives (looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence) and need an expert to make them look presentable but identity is a big part of fashion. If someone would tell me how to dress a certain way, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable or as free as I’d like. Also, the most high-profile celebrity stylists (like Rachel Zoe and Micaela Erlanger) have multiple clients, and even if they have different dresses for each client depending on taste, size and other things, you wouldn’t be as unique and can sometimes feel like you’re one of the crowd, just following the trends and what stylists tell you to wear.

“What you wear is such an expression of who you are. That’s like someone picking out who I’m going to date!” – Diane Kruger


Anyway, there’s a lot of celebrities that have chosen to take credit for their looks but I’m going to focus on Emmy Rossum as I love her classy yet modern style. She’s the complete opposite of her character in Shameless and has now became a muse for brands like DNKY and CH. When asked why she chooses not to have a stylist, Emmy said, “Because I love fashion and I’m that shallow.”

“I love playing with clothes, it’s really fun. I e-mail the PRs or designers myself and I pick what I want and they send it to me. And then it gets FedExed back and I never see it again.” I don’t know about you, but that seems like a great perk of her career and status! If I were in her shoes, I’d be calling Carolina Herrera, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta all the time.


“I surf the Web to see the runway shows and then figure out who the fashion publicists are and e-mail them myself.”

With full creative control over her looks, she also creates look books made from magazine tear sheets- there’s one for runway looks she loves, and another for hair /makeup.

Check out my pinterest board for Emmy’s style here!

Blake Lively is also another one that has been very vocal about not eeding a stylist. Her style is “always changing.” Her Gossip Girl appearances between 2007-2012 may have helped her secure awesome looks because of the reputation of the show. You can see how much her style has matured now that she’s older – a lot more polished and modest than her earlier style.


Diane Kruger started as fashion model so in a way, being around fashion from such a young age may have had an affect on her not hiring a stylist. “I come from fashion, and who knows better what I like than myself?”


“What you wear is such an expression of who you are. That’s like someone picking out who I’m going to date!”


Moodboard created by me, images from Google. 


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