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Brand Identity

A few days ago we had a lecture about Brand Identity and I actually really enjoyed it. It was interesting for me to see how multiple brands have used colour, tone, pattern and motif to create a signature. We were shown various different brands but I chose a couple of my favourites from the lecture to show on here.

Each brand have to create their own identity to stand out and create visuals in many ways without using the actual name. They have to think about the colour, pattern, monogram, signature, crest, font and media/material on products, promotional elements and in store.

Brands have to build a range of brand signifiers, menu of symbols and messages.Dominance and hierarchy of element depending on social, cultural and historical influences.

1950/60s – signature/crest

1970/80s – monogram/logo

1990/00s – colour/pattern

2010/20s – message/idea



cool | crisp | classic | luxury

prestige | exclusivity | status

romance | glamour | heritage | magical | manhattan | elegance






striking | spiced | tan | exotic

well travelled | equestrian prestige | parisian life style





british heritage | young articrocacy | traditional tartan

graphic check | neutral palette




luxury French style | feminine silhouettes | free-spirited

softly-textured fabrics | neutral palettes




All images were found in Google and mood boards were created by me.



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