The Burberry Booth

I recently came across Burberry’s latest Christmas campaign that was directed by chief executive and chief creative officer Christopher Bailey. The campaign features a strong cast with the likes of Sir Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and model/celebrity offspring Romeo Beckham.

But there’s more. “The Burberry Booth” located in the brand’s flagship Regent Street store allows members of the public to be part of the festive campaign. In partnership with Google, the distinct British brand thought of a marketing strategy that will permit shoppers to create their own 15-second edit while jumping around on a trampoline.


This latest venture just opened a few days ago (Nov 24th) and will only continue until Christmas Eve.

After the customer has created their own version of the festive ad campaign, it is instantly sent to them who can then share it with their friends while encouraging others to watch and share their video on Youtube, Twitter or email.

When I discovered this, I was quite fascinated to say the least. By doing this, not only is the luxury brand generating more press, but they are also making ordinary members of the public feel special and part of the ‘Burberry world’ in which they can appear alongside celebrities.


This is not the first time luxury retailer Burberry has combine fashion and technology. I’m not just talking about their runway shows (especially their Beijing 2011 show) but the brand also collaborated with Google in 2013 for the “Burberry Kisses” campaign. This latest ‘Burberry Booth uses real-time video-stitching to insert people into the campaign.

You can view the Christmas campaign below and the behind-the-scenes making of the advert. It offers an insider’s view into the making of the campaign.

The Burberry booth is in the retailer’s Regent Street Store and will only be available until December 24th.

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