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One of the reasons why I adore my course is that we get emails frequently informing us about potential internships and work experiences. The extensive links to the industry is a great part of NTU and FCP. A few weeks or so ago, an email asking for volunteers to help MAYA, a hair/beauty brand with the upcoming Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. I subsequently sent off my application with my CV and cover letter, to which I got a response quickly. Of course, I didn’t think about how I was going to get there but after it dawned on me that I have to plan my own transport and such, I had to back out. Michelle, the owner and creator of MAYA emailed me asking if I can help out with the samples instead. Yes! I’d love to!

Let me just say that after hours of sticking labels on small sample bottles, I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into each hair product a lot more now.I was never too much into beauty and make up products and so what I enjoyed about this experience was that I discovered more about how a beauty brand works and operates especially when such a big event is coming up. It may seem repetitive and boring to others, but I have thoroughly liked helping with the samples.

My short honest review: I got given a small sample bottle to take home and try. Now, I’ve used the MAYA Curling and Styling Crème twice and both times I put a small amount of it straight after showering and didn’t curl my hair after. I noticed that the frizziness has lessened and it’s softer. I’m not too crazy about the smell of the actual cream especially when I’m putting it on but when your hair dries the smell kinda disappears. But I guess everyone’s different and I have read reviews that have mentioned they liked the smell. 

I also got the chance to discover MAYA’s plans for the stall at Clothes Show Live. With just Michelle currently working on the product, she also had to handle everything from visual merchandising and stall design to network, promoting and demonstrating the product on potential consumers. I unfortunately will not be going to Clothes Show Live (but hey, there’s next year’s!) but I know that MAYA’s stall will be very eye-catching and many people will flock to it.Let me give you a few hints: black and gold painted tables and mirrors, red carpet with lights, free demos and samples. If you have the chance to go to the events this year, definitely check out their stall!





Maya Confident Curling and Styling Crème is only the first in a range of hair products which are currently being created based on what people tell Michelle is important to them.  Initial feedback has been inspiring….  With its unique blend of 12 natural oils and extracts it stops frizz, stops dryness, moisturises and conditions hair.

Maya is a premium brand offering expert advice for beautiful natural hair for multiple textures. Maya provides solutions for dryness, lack of moisture, frizz and long-lasting curls with just the use of one product, Maya Confident Curling & Styling Crème.  It has a unique blend of 12 natural oils and extracts.


Maya encourages you to release your inner goddess and embrace sophistication and classiness with this moisturising and curl defining styling crème. No more frizz or tying your hair back, Maya promises a quick and easy, wash and go solution to embrace your natural every day beauty.  Remember your hair is your beauty. 

For a free demo or expert advice on your hair problems, visit the Maya HA67 stand at the Clothes Show.

“At last, a cream that is just right for me”

“Maya has tamed my frizz!”

“Light, fragrant but strong enough to moisturize my very dry hair”

Maya Confident Curling and Styling Crème is currently being trialled in three sizes and three different applications

  • Sample 55ml, finger application
  • 250ml bottle with disc top application
  • 520ml bottle with pump dispenser


Thank you Michelle for allowing me to help you with getting the samples ready for Clothes Show Live multiple times and for the free sample! 🙂



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