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Fringe Project: Advert Comparison

So after browsing through brand websites, Pinterests, social networking sites and databases, I collected and made a board of all brand adverts (containing ‘fringe’ elements) and I managed to narrow it down to a few (may not be a few to you, ha). I still couldn’t decide on a final 2 adverts (one high end, one middle/mass) to compare so I decided to compare them all against each other. Here’s just the brand advert visuals and I made a few notes on some of them (contrasts/similarities between narratives/visual codes)

After doing this exercise, I finally decided on my final 2 which I will post on this blog soon (maybe when the whole report is finished)..

(High End) HERMES vs Middle/Mass

Hermes – outdoor setting, neutral palette, horse and jewellery as props, strong facial expression, not looking at the camera, the brand logo visible, horse is a symbol for brand heritage, top half body, the face is obscured slightly by the sunlight

Karen Millen – studio setting, neutral/browns palette, no other prop just the model, looking at the camera, weak expression and body language, not obvious this is Karen Millen, full length shot

Hermes -both outdoor (desert type?) setting and sunlight,

Missguided – suggest movement with the fringe jacket/cape, alone, facing away from camera, summer, more landscape than Hermes ad

Hermes – suggests more luxury and high class than Missguided, both outdoor setting, serious/strong face expression and body language

Missguided – Motel setting background (cheap?), car, can’t see the model’s face clearly, busy, contemporary, playful in contrast to Hermes

Hermes – single model with horse, neutral/nude palette,

Mango – multiple models, friendly, grey/black colour palette, using popular models Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss for publicity, full length shot,

Hermes -similar neutral palette, both not looking directly at camera (busy with something else), clear focal point, fantasy?

Mango – brick backdrop, old, rustic, more relatable to consumers, busy, reality


(High End) BURBERRY  vs Middle/Mass 

Burberry – multiple models, movement, busy, two models chatting, very bright complex colour palette,  white/pale/blonde models, high social status,

Karen Millen – single, static pose, just neutral palette,

Burberry – both suggests movement, same focal point (brown fringe jackets), town/city, multiple

Missguided – outdoor desert setting as opposed to town/city, alone, not facing the camera,

Burberry – complex colour palette, multiple models, looks like they don’t want to be pictured,

Zara – monochrome, single model looking directly at camera, confidence, modern minimalism, already has a visual contrast with the plant, studio shot


(High End) BALMAIN vs Middle/Mass

Balmain – sensuality, dark navy tone colour palette, got known ‘models’ to pose for the campaign,

Missguided – sensuality, monochrome, provocative

Balmain – trying to look sexy, inappropriate, glamorous

Mango – suggests a more normal friend/sibling relationship, comfortable, studio shot


(High End) MICHAEL KORS vs Middle/Mass

Michael Kors – travel, nostalgia, luxurious, private jet background, clean white background with dark colour palette for the clothes (fringe skirt), romantic notions, playful, flirting

Karen Millen – neutral palette, singular, serious, doesn’t really seem high class,

Michael Kors – both suggest movement and ‘candid’ moment, look like they came from a business/pleasure trip

Missguided – festival?, desert location, alone,

Michael Kors – just got out of a plane, high culture, both have a blurred left side,

Missguided- ‘motel’, low culture, both busy backgrounds

Michael Kors – romantic, busy, both multiple models used

Mango – friendly, clean background


(High End) BURBERRY vs Middle/Mass 

Burberry – suggests movement, one is shy-looking, colour,outdoors

Missguided – strong stance, confidence, monochrome, indoor setting, full length

Burberry – similar as only one model is wearing a printed/busy outfit while the other is wearing a simple/block colour with fringe details

Mango – multiple models,



(High End) BALMAIN vs Middle/Mass


(High End) CHANEL vs Middle/Mass

Chanel – dark, moody colour palette, cowgirl,rustic barn backdrop, famous celebrity used as brand ambassador, western inspired

Missguided – brighter colours, more revealing outfit

Chanel – both against monochrome backgrounds, strong, careless attitude, western, old, rustic background

Missguided – risque, sensuality, ornate details on door,

Chanel – looking directly at the camera, both black fringe jackets worn, serious

Missguided – back is to the camera, focuses on the black fringe jacket, bright sky and light, lighter colours, suggests playfulness,

Chanel – more monochrome palette

Mango – neutral palette, sunglasses obscuring face

Chanel – both looking directly at the camera, western, fantasy,

Whistles – simple, modern, glamour, both dark/monochrome colour palettes

Chanel –  same colours – the white/red/blue fringe coat suggests the US flag, full length, covered up/modest, high editorial

Missguided – sensual, playful

Chanel – both feature the US flag but here it suggests heritage, old/used, historical, covered up, colder season, western, dark tone, textured fringe dress, suggests more class/expensive

Missguided – both black fringe but this is more revealing and body shaping dress, summer?, bright colours, both have their hands up like touching the flag (proud?), new/clean flag like it was just bought, the fringe is thinner/longer, clean nude background


(High End) TOM FORD vs Middle/Mass 



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