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Happy New Year!



Just thought I’d write a short summary/highlights of 2015, how I’m preparing for NY in less than 2 weeks and what I want to achieve in 2016. 


I may or may not have mentioned our upcoming course trip to New York in January before. Right now, I’m preparing myself for the weather and by that I mean I’m arguing with myself with what to bring. I want to bring all my clothes! I still need to buy last minute things but I’ve made notes and highlighted on our itinerary and what I’m planning on doing whilst in the city that never sleeps. When I saw this cute tiny notebook that has a NY design I just had to have it! Not to mention the folder that was next to it and the photo frame. Yep. I’m so not excited. 

As this is a ‘research’ trip, I’m not only going there as a regular tourist, but also sourcing and looking out what our brief entails. I’ll be posting all about it when I get back from the trip! 


Just a short list of what I mainly want to visit for each day (if there’s time I can look at the itinerary we were given and see if I can go to more):


  • From London to Wolcott Hotel, New york.
  • Explore midtown Manhattan area around the hotel
  • Empire State Building
  • Times Square
  • Grand Central Station


  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Chanel
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Kate Spade
  • The High Line
  • Chelsea Market


  • The New Museum
  • Meatpacking district/West Village – full of high end boutiques, bookstores, bars/restaurants, hotels and interior stores.
  • SoHo/NoLita – major foreign brands and established local designer stores


  • Garment District Tour – a group activity that involves: orientation, project runway competition, visit fashion publication store, meeting with pattern maker at facility, visit grader manufacturing and button factory, visit P.R showroom, speaker with magazine editor, guest fashion designer, shop at and meet designer at showroom 1, shop and meet designer at showroom 2 or sample sale
  • Brooklyn Musuem
  • MOMA P.S1


  • Museum at FIT – 2 exhibitions called ‘Denim: Fashion’s Frontier’ and ‘Fairy Tale Fashion’ the latter which I’m sooo excited about!
  • The MET – MET steps here I come!
  • Museum of Art & Design
  • Celine (UES)
  • Tory Burch (UES)
  • Lanvin (UES)
  • MOMA – Museum of Modern Art
  • Central Park
  • Rockefeller Centre
  • Ice-Skating at either Central Park or Rockefeller Centre in the evening


  • Last minute shopping and packing before going back to Nottingham!

| 2015 |

2015 for me has been pretty great. Of course one of the main highlights was starting FCP at NTU as a fashion communication and promotion student (which is the reason why I started this blog in the first place). So far, I have been loving it and I can see I’ve made the right choice in terms of career. Even when it’s super stressful. I only had the chance to go back to the Philippines, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France. I really hope to travel as much as I did last year but I doubt it as I want to start applying for internships during the easter and summer breaks. 2015 also began my career at the fashion industry, I had the chance to work for a Kingston-based brand (FABRYAN) as a PR and marketing intern and was also a wardrobe assistant for a tv show in the Philippines.



Some of you may know that I’m obsessed with books and I actually used to own a book blog from my early teens until I stopped in January 2015. I usually post an end-of-year reading summary so I figured why not here? I’ve always been passionate about reading and it’s still one of my hobbies. It allows me to escape and experience a hundred worlds. When I was book blogging, I learnt a great deal about the publishing industry, and I was fortunate enough to deal with publicists and connect with likeminded bloggers who are now some of my friends.

My goal of 2015 was to read 70 books.

I’ve now read 73 this year.

This is actually quiet a low number for me (as evidenced when I looked at past years) but I’m still glad as when I’m at uni and in deep researching for our projects, it’s hard to find time.

Anyway, this is some of the books that I particularly enjoyed this year. Not so much fashion related. More like fantasy/dystopian. 



  • Work experiences in Nottingham and London – I seriously need to start applying for fashion (preferably) internships in both cities. Especially as we have a long summer break. Wish me luck. 
  • Go back home more often – this may sound weird but yes, really. I’ve only been home during Christmas since I went to Nottingham in mid-September and when I mentioned that to some other NTU students they were a bit shocked. I know some have been going back home every week. It’s kinda hard with that I live in Surrey and train fares are not cheap but I think in 2016 I want to go home more often as I’m now back home and I had no idea I missed my family and friends so much!
  • Get a part time job – preferably in retail but I’ll take whatever. 
  • Go to the library more often – during the first term, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been going to the library as much as I probably should. I need to take advantage of the tools and magazines they offer. 
  • Exercise a bit – keep yoga, start zumba again and diet. 
  • Travel more – probably won’t be possible as much this year. 

So that’s it! I’m so excited for 2016 and I hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. See you later! 🙂 




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