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Paolo Roversi

“My life is full of pictures I didn’t take”



I’m fascinated by the works of famous fashion photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Tim Walker but lately I came across one that is well known for his elegant and haunting photography in the fashion industry.

The Italian photographer Paolo Roversi is also a regular contributor to magazines such as British and Italian editions of Vogue, W and Vanity Fair, amongst others. He also shot advertising campaigns for Christian Dior, Guerlain and Comme des Garcons. Much of his work came from his beloved 8 x 10 Polaroid format and his aesthetic is known for its long exposures at close range.

I find his images very romantic, ethereal, and exquisitely beautiful. I think his use of colour and his technique of light painting was what caught my attention in the first place. His images is very consistent and recognisable and I have a few of my favourites to show you below.

Oscar de la Renta-1

“I am always in search of beauty. This I know for sure. Beauty is something that attracts me completely all of the time and pushes me far in search of something.”
“I let the life come to the picture and the creativity flow.”
“Fashion found me by chance. I had friends that worked in that world, and it fascinated me. I became a fashion photographer without really choosing to be one.”


“My idea of beauty is not only the beauty of their face, it is the beauty of the whole person, no? The beauty of their character.”
“The clothes are a big part of a fashion picture. It’s a big part of the subject. Even if, for me, every fashion picture is like a portrait – I see and treat every image as a portrait, of a woman or a man – but the clothes are always there and they can make the interpretation of the image much more difficult.”


“It’s a great life because photographer is a way to express oneself with a wonderful language, a universal language that doesn’t need to be translated or interpreted. That everyone can understand. It’s a language that is almost primitive.”


“Something needs to touch me, something needs to give me an emotion, something needs to bring me a memory, a dream, to somewhere. Photography always starts with a look.”




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