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Just want to share some fragrance promotional campaigns that I came across lately. The short videos include high end designers Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera collaborating with Havas Media to promote and raise brand awareness in the Middle East. I thought they used innovative means to really capture their target audience’s attention, using events, booths and even caravans.


DOT by Marc Jacobs

‘The Challenge – Let’s admit it, Dubai lacks polka-dots. It may have highest number of tall buildings per capita in the world, but it also ranks amongst the lowest of polka-dotted cities per capita in the world. So what happens when a global brand, Marc Jacobs, wants to raise awareness about its new fragrance DOT? It has people capture images featuring with polka-dots in it… but there aren’t any, no matter what direction you look in.

Strategy – We brought polka-dots to the people.

Execution – We assembled a caravan of polka-dots, well actually lady-bugs, in all of their beauty and literally drove thousands of kilometres criss-crossing, zig-zagging and whizzing across Dubai so that everyone could have a chance to a picture of all the polka-dots whist learning about the new fragrance launch. Because our target audience are digital natives, we integrated this across all social media channels and brought the entire physical experience to the World Wide Web. With each online ‘share’, another polka-dot, with each comment, even more polka-dots, until no matter where you looked in Dubai, the DOT was seen everywhere.’ –


212 VIP by Carolina Herrera

The Challenge – The brand realised that in previous follow-up campaigns there was no significant effect on the sales figures for the brand compared to other brands which they had successfully re-launched. This situation created concern for the brand, making them doubt their marketing and media strategy during this particular brand’s re-boost campaigns.

Our consumer insights, revealed that our target audience lived, especially on the weekends, “to be on the list:” exclusive events; private parties; clubs and simply, being seen.

The idea: Get on the List, You Know You Want to!

Implementation – As one of our own objectives was to allow our target audience to live the VIP experience, we focused on In-Mall Activations in which people were invited to the booth to participate, take photos, uploaded them on Facebook, and share their “VIP” experience with their friends. At the end of the campaign, the most VIP looking people (40 in each mall) were selected to win prizes from Carolina Herrera and “VIP 212”.

Online was used in a similar way focusing on networks that were in line with the target and their lifestyle behaviour and attitudes

Print was used in innovative and supportive ways by focusing on content related titles in which we linked the brand DNA to specific events and nightlife sections. We also convinced the lifestyle/people magazines that normally only cover events and nightlife to feature our in-mall activation as one of its VIP events creating content for each magazine.

TV focused on long and short spots, mentioning the Facebook page, linking it to the media activity in Mall. Outdoor was used as a support media by focusing on key and strategic areas close to the mall activation. Finally, in mall banners lead the consumer journey to the mall’s center point where we staged in the in-mall VIP experience.’ –


HAVAS Media also created various fragrance campaigns for other well-known brands:




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