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Celebrities x Fragrance

Celebrities launch their own fragrance all the time. It’s not a new concept and for years, the formula worked well. They come with a fan base, some of whom are willing to buy any product that will connect them to their idol. But in recent years, the market has gradually lost ground, according to research firm Euromonitor International. In 2013, celebrity fragrance sales fell 2%, after rising 2% in 2012 and 9% in 2011.

“Celebrity fragrances have slowly been losing popularity, as tweens and teens continue to like celebrity scents, but have less disposable income to spend on fragrances, as unemployment remains high amongst the youth population,” Euromonitor said in a report. “Fragrances now also increasingly compete with other purchases, such as smartphones and apps.”

So who thought of contacting Danielle Peazer and proposed a new fragrance and makeup line? Seriously, is she even a celebrity? And the ex-girlfriend of a member from One Direction doesn’t really count. Apparently, she’s a blogger and owns a youtube channel but does that really prove that her ‘fans’ will buy anything her name is plastered on?


“It’s been a long process, since the end of 2014, and it’s been so exciting picking the products. I came up with the stupid, but hopefully brilliant, idea of creating three fragrances – one named ‘Peace,’ one named ‘Love’ and one named ‘Happiness’ so we were then looking at three with three eye palettes. Then it was like ‘let’s go.I was up in the board room smelling fragrances, testing out different eye palette colours and getting super involved from the beginning and wanted to create something I one hundred per cent, not just put my name to it.”

Not sure if I really believe that she had a massive input and come on, Peace, Love and Happiness?!

“Peace, Love & Happiness is based on a tattoo I have on my wrist since I was 22. I was approached and asked if I wanted to create these products and thought, absolutely, why not? With my social reach and my YouTube channels I thought we could make it something great.”


The packaging designs and the bottles all scream cheap and tacky to me. Not to mention the adverts which all look as if they were shot in one minute. No art direction, no proper styling, no innovative message. Just her name and her face. I wouldn’t be surprised if Poundland are selling the whole collection now.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 15.07.39

So what are your opinion on celebrity fragrances? I remember when I was a young teen and was obsessed with the Olsen Twins, I bought their Coast to Coast MK LA fragrance (which I loved btw). But apart from that, I haven’t bought any celebrity related scents. And below you can see the difference from their younger teens and their latest fragrance as respected fashion designers.

(I owned the blue bottle/packaging on the left! And now look at the very clean, minimalism look and luxurious packaging on the right?)

Here are also some atrocious celebrity fragrances – wonder who actually bought them?

Peter Andre, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katie Price – enough said.



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