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Context and Insight

The whole Creative Networks module centers around group work and scent brand project.

After the reading weeks were over, we were immediately briefed on the first task (out of four) and met our new group members. As a matter of fact, we just presented our research, context and new potential insights for a new scent brand.

I’m not the best at presentations at all, but I can say I’m improving a lot, and with this course’s love for presentations, no doubt everyone will be a pro at the end of the three years. I’m quite proud of the presentation and I had fun with the visuals/moodboards and all of that.

You can view below my group’s presentation

Overall, the feedback was very good. One of the our main weakness was to slow down. I actually had to cut down about 10 slides from the powerpoint and it still went over 50. Oops. We were also worried that we were going to go over the 10 min limit, but we have to remember for next time, that the audience are seeing the presentation for the first time, so it’s important to slow down. Next time, we have to work on editing skills, how to make it concise and straight to the point. I admit I wanted to put all our research in but it’s a good practice for the final brand presentation soon.

We got praised for our visuals and how everyone knew what they were saying – which I’m very pleased about. In regards to our actual ideas, they liked the idea of the style tribes experience, with having different scented rooms. The men gifting service they’re not too sure about, and suggested that we could combine the experience with wife/girlfriends (bonding). The packaging idea was unique, as there’s not one out in the market right now and could be great for someone artistic. One major point we have to remember going forward to the next tasks would be to not make assumptions. Don’t jump to conclusions about the target market, ask and research WHY. We need more evidence to back up and support.


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