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Another Visit To London!

NTU arranged a day trip to London and gave us a chance to test our insights and see what’s out there in the capital. I think the trip has really helped my individual report (task 2) and has given me inspiration not just for this scent project, but overall visual research that I can use throughout my degree.

I managed to visit Avedon/Warhol exhibition, Lush scented cinema, Selfridges, Avery’s, Penhaligon’s, Liberty’s, Fortnum & Mason (adore!), Charlotte Tilbury, Covent Garden,Geo F. Trumper, Harrods and even a surprise visit to Harry Potter (ha)!

The Vogue: 100 years exhibition was also on the suggestions list but I figured it’s better to go there when I have a full day to really look and scrutinise each photograph (especially since it’s a bit pricey). Look out for an upcoming post regarding my visit with my friend. I’m lucky I live in Surrey! 

All photos were taken by myself, also apologies for the not-so-good photos taken from my phone, I would have edited them on photoshop but it would have taken forever!



I really love this VM, so eye catching and makes me want to be more sporty!


AVERY – niche perfume gallery, the guy informed us about various scents, from Agonist to A Lab on Fire and we left having smelt so many products!

SELFRIDGES – we not only went to the fragrance section but also tried to go past it and look at outside sectors such as beauty, lifestyle, health etc.



Is it weird that i’ve never end heard of Illamasqua until the trip? The interior visual definitely caught my attention!

Codage was another brand that was unfamiliar before. I loved this bespoke prescription idea!
doesn’t take a genius to know their brand values 
besides the very friendly assistant at FaceGym, I find this such a clever idea and one I would like to try if I had more money!


hair products in very luxury packaging and bottles 

Cowshed – are you a grumpy or a moody cow? Or even a wild one? (relates to my group’s style tribes insight)

CHARLOTTE TILBURY – this is the first time I’ve actually been to a Tilbury shop. The brand only sells their products in large, famous cities. Charlotte is a massive celebrity makeup artist who acts like a mentor/teacher, I went on the website and you can watch numerous tutorials with her on how to achieve a certain look. It’s just too pricey for an average uni student though! But I admit I like the idea of her ‘Makeup Wardrobe’. With 10 different looks, every woman is guarantee to find their desired ‘look’ to emulate.


I like the uptown girl and the sophisticate. Again, this links to our style tribes scent idea.

AVEDON/WARHOL EXHIBITION – with so many free exhibitions and galleries, me and my friend definitely want to take that advantage and so went to the Richard Avedon and Andy Warhol exhibition.



FORTNUM & MASON – We spent ages inside this store. I for one, absolutely love the luxurious feel and not to mention the wide range of fragrance products they have.

Just how cool is this?!





The personalised hamper service! Perfect for easter.

I wish I had a better camera with me as their visual merchandising is gorgeous!

GEO F. TRUMPER – another great VM.


HARRODS – our last stop of the trip (we nearly missed the coach!)

the latest Mcqueen fragrance has a great promotional counter all dedicated to the campaign.
I also like the packaging for this Dolce & Gabbana fragrance set


HARRY POTTER – so unrelated to scent but as fans of Harry Potter we couldn’t miss the opportunity to see platform 9 3/4 and the shop! I badly wanted to get a Ravenclaw jumper.

LIBERTY’S – below shows Frederic Malle’s smelling booths/chambers.”Frederic is so concerned with the purity of smell that he insists that a person must experience his collection of perfumes in the isolation of an air controlled booth. For any lover of perfume it really is something that must be experienced.” (link here)

Sen7 refillable atomizer – competition for my group’s travel service concept.


LUSH CINEMA – I’m so happy we got to experience lush’s scented cinema. One thing I noticed is that it lacked promotion. I thought it was good and gives a very different perspective!



PENHALIGON’S – The interior was unique which had a very old, small feel to it.

Ingredients of scents all labelled

And that was our one day trip to London! Apart from the early rise and late return, I enjoyed the whole day and I can’t wait to go back to the city for the Vogue exhibition! Look out for a post next week!



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