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Insight Comparison and Analysis (plus ideas that we never took forward)

Task 2 of our scent brand project finally done! Immediately after our group presentation, we immediately got briefed on our next task, which is to individually test our insights and analyse them to discover the Big Idea. I’m pretty pleased with the result of a less than two weeks to write 1000 words (so difficult to actually cut it down and I’m the first to say that I’m terrible at editing!) and tackling InDesign again. You can view it below:

I chose the personalised packaging as my chosen idea, but with three members (out of four) wanting to do style tribes, well there’s not much I can do. Ha. I don’t dislike the idea, but I think it does have a lot of cons that my group really need to discuss and strengthen. Sigh.

In terms of layout and the look of my report, I wanted it to look quite messy, a bit like a scrapbook to really visualise all three different insights. With a word count of 1000 I had to think how I can display my concepts in a unique way. I guess I was also a bit more ‘adventurous’ with this one as I knew it wouldn’t really count towards anything, and took it as another practice session with InDesign (still need to really learn and watch more tutorials!) so my final summative report for this module will be absolutely perfect. (I hope.)

Anyway, I also want to discourse our other insights that we couldn’t/didn’t take forward for a variety of reasons. These are emerging trends or initial concepts that we came across during our research into the fragrance and outside sectors.

NOSES – Make the creator the face of the brand. Noses ‘we believe that their talents should be recognized and celebrated, just like fashion designers/composers/artists are acknowledged for their talents. I actually really like this idea but for this particular project, realistically it wouldn’t work as we wouldn’t be actually working with a nose in the industry.

BRAZIL AND OTHER MARKETS – among the fastest growing markets in the last five years. Wearing fragrance has become a daily ritual, with 90% owning and 84% wearing it regularly. More tailored approach towards individual culture increases. India – strong cultural connection. South Korea – fragrance not yet part of people’s daily grooming routine, China – slowly opening up to western fragrance standards etc. Key to growing the fragrance market.

EDIBLE FRAGRANCES – These new edible marketing and promotional items play on the relationship of food and beauty and capture the sensual and even gourmet aspect of fragrance in a new way. The chocolates, macarons and cookies created by fragrance houses create a new opportunity to sample products to consumers.

BRIDAL  Only one in the market so far, ‘Something Blue’ by Oscar de la Renta is the only one specifically for brides. Jo Malone allows you to pick an already released fragrance you like and a bridal ‘pattern’, perfect as a wedding day gift or a beautiful keepsake.

OLDER/SENIOR  growth of over 65s are lower users of fragrance products, making it essential for brands to retain interest from fragrance users as they age. Over 65s accounting for 10.5 percent of growth. The UK population is ageing, with over-55s forecast to see the largest growth in number by 2019.

NARRATIVE PERFUMES  not necessarily about smelling pleasant but rather like smelling like a specific time, place or experience.

MEN  AXE men fragrance brand has more modern depiction of diversified male beauty. Male positivity – re-examining masculinity by focusing on mental health, body image and depression

SENSORS  2020 packaging might play a role in helping beauty brands to collect info. Mold sensors into a package, sensor can show markets when and where a product is being used, how much of it, and how often and with accuracy.


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