Miss Adventure


Miss Adventure is back!! After the super successful ads starring Anna Kendrick, Kate Spade New York is back with season 2. This time following Zosia Mamet, Marisa Tomei, Lola Kirke and Kat Dennings as they enjoy a girls’ weekend but then it all goes “comically, perfectly wrong.” Each episode centers on “interesting women leading interesting lives.”

“This time around, it is all about entertainment over an advertisement—we really want to create engaging content that people just want to watch like a TV series,” Mary Beech, evp and CMO of Kate Spade & Co.

If you haven’t seen Season 1 starring Anna Kendrick, you should. Reading the comments below this newly released video of Season 2, I know I’m not the only one who misses Anna. Personally, she embodies the perfect Kate Spade girl – very stylish, petite, charismatic and funny. I hope she will return in the later episodes! You can watch Episode 1 of Season 1 here.

“Our increasingly popular MissAdventure series has secured over 70 million views globally,” said Deborah Lloyd, president and chief creative officer of Kate Spade New York, in a release.

“The best adventures and experiences in the world are often triggered by something unexpected,” said Kristen Naiman, Kate Spade & Co.’s svp of brand creative. “Losing your keys, fighting over a cab, having your date cancel on you, getting to a girls’ weekend and having all your plans go awry—those are all universal things that go wrong. What really joins our women together is that she meets all that with an optimism and curiosity.” One of the many reasons why Kate Spade is one of my favourite brands is that they appear very welcoming, and friendly. Granted some of their stuff are too cute and sugar sweet (even for me) but I can’t deny I lust for their most accessories and bags!

The brand has also been teasing their followers via Instagram, introducing each character/actor days before the release. “Our launch strategy has mimicked the introduction of a new TV season.” Oh, and did I mention you can also purchase the products featured in the video?

I’m not too familiar with the new girls, I’ve heard of them but I haven’t seen a show/movie they appeared in. But it doesn’t matter. Because Kate Spade does such a good job at making me envy their wardrobe and their lives. Does it make me want to wear the clothes and accessories those girls are wearing? YES. Does it make me wish I were at a really sunny location with my best friends instead of rainy England? YES. So I guess job well done, Kate Spade!



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