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In the early days of our fragrance module, before even deciding which concepts to go for, I stumbled upon a fascinating (well, to me personally) insight that made me stop and investigate a bit more.

Mintel observed that more and more people (especially women) are becoming interested in staying at hotels with a huge fashion element. And a quick Google search informed me that a lot of fashion designers and brand have already made their mark on upmarket suites around the world. Whether it’s a sophisticated luxury room to a more relaxed beachside place, it seems that brands are collaborating with lifestyle hotels to accommodate and reach wider audience. It makes sense for companies to extend and what’s even bigger than a fashion show/launch? Living and experiencing the brand. If you’re ever confused about the aesthetic and brand identity of a brand, their visual merchandising, interiors and homeware lines usually indicate their style clearly.

Below are just a few fashion brand collaborations with hotels that caught my attention.

vera wang

Vera Wang, Diamond Head, Hawaii. The one-bedroom suite at the result is adorned with elements from Wang’s home itself, as well as from her bath and accessories collections and furnishings from Hawaii, the Pacific and Asia. She told after finishing the suite in 2010: “In addition to being the halfway point between China and the United States, Hawaii holds a special place in my heart. Almost twenty years ago my husband, Arthur, proposed to me in Hawaii, so what better place for me to create a suite?”.

Dior, St. Regis hotel in New York. This just reflects the aesthetic brand identity of Christian Dior, down to its sophisticated furniture, to its art paintings of vintage Dior designs. It’s said to be inspired by the company’s Paris headquarters/ateliers and features subtle references to the fashion house. The fashion inspired suite features a bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room, all in the signature Dior ‘whispering grey’ colour.

Alice Temperley, One & Only Le Saint Geran in Mauritius. The tipi features a hand-sewn embellished exterior with a  white and gold interior. The British label’s design screams cozy, ethereal and perfect for summer. Can some please take me there now?

Armani, Dubai. Reflects their visual merchandising in stores and their homeware line. It aims to provide “the same kind of welcome to guests as [Giorgio Armani] would privately extend to family and friends”. It looks luxurious and but has a cold, modern feel to it.


Bottega Veneta, St. Regis Rome. Designed by the brand’s creative director Tomas Maier, the space aims to be a refined and demure spa. Alongside various stylish amenities, guests here enjoy personalised butler service.


Bulgari, Knightsbridge, London. Offers its guest an extensive subterranean spa along with its polished interiors.


Palazzo Versace, Dubai. As you can see above, the hotel suite has a very regal and traditional feel to it. All the interiors were designed by Donatello Versace. The walls are covered in Versace (what else?) wallpaper and textiles decorated with peacocks and falcons, it’s no surprise the hotel is aiming to become on elf the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East.

maison moschino

Diane von Furstenberg, Claridge’s, London.  DVF designed the grand piano suite to her liking and personally selected the furniture, rugs and wallpaper “to suit her legendary style”. The outlandish prints reflect her brand’s aesthetic.

Ralph Lauren, Round Hill Hotel, Jamaica. One of the few that personally appealed to me. It has a more laid-back style with its cool white and nautical striped surroundings. All of the rooms have been designed by Ralph Lauren and features just the right level of relaxed ambience.

Which one calls out to you the most? Do you think more fashion brands should follow their example?



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