The Handwritten Note



Am I the only one who delights in handwritten notes? In the age of emails, texts and tweets, there’s something irresistibly charming about receiving a personal letter in a mail. When everything is digital nowadays, the result of extra effort and attention to detail goes a long way. It’s rare, but the stationery lover in me actually finds it fun. I’m one of those people who love writing or even creating their own cards to give to friends and family. Whether purchasing beautiful stationery or even designing one myself, I find it quite an enjoyable and not to mention relaxing, experience.

You may have read tons of articles on ‘how to get a fashion internship’ or ‘how to get work experience’ and no doubt most will list ‘handwritten thank you notes’. And this was one of the tips that I still try to do every time I start and end a fashion internship. I have a LOT of stationery with me both at uni and at home. What can I say? I am a proud stationery hoarder. I usually buy ones that I like the look of regardless of the brand/name but I’ve recently purchased a collection of cards from Kate Spade that’s perfect for every occasion and I have to say, I’m quite in love with it.

“You can’t reread a telephone call.” – Liz Carpenter

A handwritten note stands out as all the more notable. We often opt for them when it comes to birthday cards and thank yous but they’re often most appreciated when they’re completely unexpected; a post-it note hello, stuck someplace inconspicuous.

What I find interesting is that a business called BOND which sells handwritten notes, are instead made by a ‘robot’. I think this is quite a clever idea, linking technology and modern times to the old-fashioned element of handwritten notes, but is it that hard to write the note yourself? It’s way more personal and I reckon, takes way less time to rather than set up a whole account, and decide on several factors. Although there are still some place in the market for this set up, as BOND is only one of many that is building a business around handwritten notes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 23.07.15

After recognizing how much people enjoy the personalization aspect, BOND wanted to bring the romance back to letter writing with a more modern experience. The notes are handwritten by a robot. To write a note, head to the website, pick a stationery and font, then type. In addition to your own handwriting, Bond has five other options you can pick from. There are also various stationery templates, some of them customizable for companies that might want to add their logo, or a couple doing wedding thank-yous that might want to use special cards.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 23.07.04

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 23.07.21

The lifestyle stationery store, She’s Got Papers is another example. Tanea Smith, the founder and creative director said, “I believe that we’re selling an experience. In my efforts to have my customers feel special, with every order, we include a handwritten note inside a pink envelope with a foil stamped ‘Thank you’ on it. We also send a ‘Just because’ card at the beginning of each year in my trademark calligraphy penmanship.”

“Taking the time to send someone a handwritten ‘Thank you’ or ‘Nice meeting you’ note can make the difference between someone working with you or not working with you.” – Brittany Hodak

Correspondence that’s best written by hand:

General invitiations

Wedding invititatios

Birth announcements

Thank you notes

Moving announcements

Love letters

Vacation postcards

Fan mail



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