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Summer and Looking Back

I decided to create a short/quick list of a summary of my strengths/weaknesses and what I enjoyed and didn’t during my 1st year of being an FCP student.

WHAT I ENJOYED/ STRENGTHS – I actually love being in charge and designing the presentations and reports. Just the feeling of presenting something that you’ve made and that you’re proud of. I consider myself in the visual side more than the writing and enjoyed learning about different brand aesthetic and identities. Another aspect that I surprisingly enjoyed was working on my sketchbook. The last time I had to work on a sketchbook was maybe 2 or 3 years ago and it was for a different subject (photography, no fashion/art related) and I chose not to do one for the 1st module (Visual Awareness). It was only when it was a requirement for us to complete one for the fragrance module and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I like it. I found it very therapeutic and it’s nice sometimes to get away from the screen and away from InDesign!

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE/ WEAKNESSES – there weren’t major things that I can say I absolutely hated during this year. Oh, I kinda realized that I found creating a promotional plan and timeline was very challenging and now I’m not sure if the promotional side is for me. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but only after I tried creating an integrated plan for our brand that I realized it may not be the actual career path I would like to take in the future. Also, group work is always challenging. I’ve already mentioned this a lot during my reflective journal and you just have to compromise. Writing has always been a big weakness of mine. I want to practice over the summer how to write more articulate, how to express my ideas clearly and how to really analyze a piece of work. When working at briefs, I need to read over carefully and make sure that I have answered and completed the learning outcomes and objectives. Also, one major flaw is my editing. I tend to struggle with cutting down words/sentences during my reports, and go over the limit of all word counts. Over the summer, I promise to learn and read more about fashion history since mine is pretty limited right now. Oops. I’m also pretty tired of fragrance by now since we have been focusing on the scent brand project since February!


I actually can’t believe I now have a few months off!

I’m so pleased that I managed to secure a fashion internship already (months ago), working for a PR/communications company I will be dealing with multiple brands and I’m so excited for that. I’m hoping to get a few more (hopefully publishing/magazines) during the summer, even shorter experiences!


We have been briefed on a summer LIVE project. Yes, it’s our first ever live brief and I can’t wait to start on my sketchbook already. I have chosen Dance4 and while I’m not too familiar with dance, I thought it was quite an interesting topic and it also deals with identity and our bodies which perfectly links to one of our second year modules, where we will be focusing on identity and our own branding.


As mentioned above, I vow to read and immerse myself into the world of fashion history. I have gotten a few books already for this and hopefully by the time second year starts I have learnt quite a fair bit!

I might also start experimenting with new techniques on InDesign. Except that beginner’s tutorial (10 things to do on InDesign) on youtube, I have yet to really experiment and try new things for my future reports. I want mine to be more sophisticated and cohesive.


Since our second year involves using Illustrator, I think it may be a good idea for me to also watch beginner videos, and experiment. I find it quite a scary one and I’ve never used it before. On the other hand, I am also excited as I would like to be able to use such an industry tool and I think it gives projects a bit of an edge.


Hopefully I will also keep posting on this blog. Either travel photos (I will be going to Italy this summer and also out and about in England lol) or even just some articles that interest me. I plan on spending this summer on a beach (which may not be all the time) and reading books. Some of you may know that I’m a total bookworm and with all the deadlines and projects, I obviously couldn’t find the time to read my precious books. So now I have a long list of TBR books waiting for me this summer. BLISS.



See you next year!


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