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End of Year FCP, Portfolio and FLIP Degree Show!

My first year at university is finally over! It’s been such an amazing one so far and I am so excited for Year 2.

After months and months of our scent brand project, it has finally come to an end. You can view my task 4 individual report below. It’s an extended promotional plan for my group’s own brand, Trait. While fragrance has always intrigued me, I’m happy it was over and now time for a brand new (summer) project (more on that later). Throughout this module, I guess my favourite part was the branding. As I was the one in charge of all our presentations, it was fun for me to also design several factors of our brand identity, such as the logo, theme, design recipe etc.

Anyway, here’s my portfolio (for both modules) so you guys can see what I’ve been up to in the last few months! I’ve enjoyed learning about InDesign and I’m proud of my progress and how much I’ve achieved since starting, where I literally had no idea how to even use the program. It was so much fun choosing which pages and spreads from each report I want to include and just having all my best/favorite work in one document.

I actually found deciding the design recipe/colour theme quite challenging as my style changes so often and I couldn’t quite decide how I wanted it to look. Sometimes, I prefer more feminine/illustrated themes while other times I’m more drawn to a cleaner/minimalist style so you can see how difficult it was for me to choose. Especially when we were given creative freedom for our portfolio. I know a lot of people probably found it so easy, but for me personally it was quite stressful. I found it much easier to create a brand identity when we got given briefs/projects but for our own personal one, I had to spend a lot of time figuring out which path to take. While not 100% pleased with the outcome, all I can say is that it was a great exercise and will prepare me for the upcoming years, where more portfolios and our own personal branding will be an important aspect.

A few days ago, I also got the chance to pop by the FCP degree show this year, FLIP. It was so amazing to see all the work graduates have produced, and even scarier to think that by two years, my work (hopefully) would also be up there for the public to view! It’s such a scary thought and I have no clue what my third year projects will even be like. I guess that’s one of my favourite parts of being in this FCP course. It’s such a wide range of skills and career paths you can take (and not even necessarily in fashion) and I love that you can tailor it to your own interests and future career choices.

It was inspiring to see how much depth and hard work these students put in their work and there were quite a few that stood out to me. We also visited the FMB (fashion marketing and branding course) degree show and it was fascinating how difference our course is compared to theirs. Some of you may know that I also applied to FMB (and got accepted) and while both courses have similarities, looking at their reports it made me realize and made me happy I chose the right one for me. FCP are a lot more creative course, with visuals playing a massive part. The finance/budgeting/numbers that I saw in the FMB reports just didn’t interest me at all.




Two projects particularly stood out to me. One was BOW by Olivia Montgomerie. It’s a dating subscription box. Her use of colour, her fun and relevant idea, the visuals and little details are just so striking.






Another one was INFINI by Phoebe Reid. How she made a neutral colour palette so interesting and sophisticated just leaves me in awe. I took photos of her  branding components and layouts as I think it’s quite inspiring.

FMB show (Fashion Marketing and Branding show) – they’re a tiny year and I loved their space!


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