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End of Year FCP, Portfolio and FLIP Degree Show!

My first year at university is finally over! It’s been such an amazing one so far and I am so excited for Year 2. After months and months of our scent brand project, it has finally come to an end. You can view my task 4 individual report below. It’s an extended promotional plan for… Continue reading End of Year FCP, Portfolio and FLIP Degree Show!

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Summer and Looking Back

I decided to create a short/quick list of a summary of my strengths/weaknesses and what I enjoyed and didn’t during my 1st year of being an FCP student. WHAT I ENJOYED/ STRENGTHS – I actually love being in charge and designing the presentations and reports. Just the feeling of presenting something that you’ve made and that… Continue reading Summer and Looking Back

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Valentino and..Superheroes?

When another brand collaborates with another for mutual benefits, there are multiple reasons for this. It can generate buzz/PR, move the brand into new markets, new product categories, audiences and distribution. It also creates a distinction between competitions and if done well, can improve a brand’s image and reputation. Another reason why fashion collaborations also… Continue reading Valentino and..Superheroes?